Creating Appealing Job Postings to Attract the Best Applicants

By Angelina Dominguez, Director of Human Resources for Impact Logistics

In today’s marketplace, as more employers are hiring and the competition for quality applicants is heating up, finding the right person for the right job can be challenging.

The process of posting open jobs, surveying applications and selecting candidates to interview can be time consuming, and the last thing any hiring manager wants to do is spend precious time interviewing job applicants who aren’t qualified.

Fortunately, there are some quick and easy tools that you can use to make your job listings stand out, and help you attract the best person for the position. By spending a little more time on the front end, you’ll save more time in the long run for both you and for applicants.


  1. Use keywords to capture attention because applicants are often skimming multiple job postings. For example, health care job openings may be streamlined to reach target audiences by posting specifics. Rather than posting a job opening for a nurse, indicate what level of experience is required, such as LPN, RN or BSN.
  2. Sell the position, because this is your best chance for an applicant to click on your posting. Include career advancement opportunities, accolades and awards your company has received, and current employee testimonials about why your company is the place they have chosen to pursue their career path.
  3. Use your company’s logo, video clips if relevant, and include salary information. If you don’t want to post a specific salary, state a range to help attract the applicants best suited for the position you want to fill.
  4. Make your posting visually appealing and easy to read because the simpler it is to navigate, the greater the chances are that applicants will read the entire posting. Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs, but don’t go overboard. A long list of bullets can be just as dizzying as long blocks of text.