What We Do

Impact Logistics is a labor provider with a cost per unit (CPU) business model. Our goal is to look at highly manual or semi-automated work cells in your facility and engineer a fixed cost for the work performed, resulting in a labor cost reduction to you. Imagine never guessing at the cost to unload trucks that vary in weight and even SKU’s per load. Imagine eliminating the need to monitor overtime or the frustration of unmotivated workers who are paid regardless of their productivity. What about the frustration of training cost due to turnover? These problems drain your management team of valuable time and effort that could be used for more value added activities. Our model allows you to fix your cost, maximize your management’s time, and save on your annual labor cost.

We provide the following:


Our freight handling service loads and unloads, sorts, segregates, palletizes and shrink wraps product to our customers’ specifications.

Our core competency includes:

Providing professional freight handlers to load and unload trailers, containers and railcars.
Ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction as we strive to exceed set expectations in the areas of service and quality.
Specializing in high sku, floor loaded, mixed product.


Our flexible work force is often used for:

RF Receiving, Order Picking and Product Storage
Receiver Reconciliations
Re-palletizing and Down-stacking
Customer Order Auditing
Pallet Alignment
Janitorial Services
Labeling and Branding
Yard Management and Trailer Spotting


We are accustomed to handling many types of projects that may not be typical of daily business operations, such as:

Product Labeling.
Product Liquidation.
Disaster Recovery.
When possible, projects are priced on a production basis.


Our on-site management:

Exists as your single point of contact.
Establishes proper work standards and procedures.
Ensures proper supervision, communication and employee training.


When possible, a per unit rate is established; therefore:

You pay only for work that is completed.
You pay for productive time only, not down time.
Your costs are measurable and highly visible, allowing for greater cost control.
Your labor costs are easily projected on a daily, period, or annual basis.

Our associates’ pay scale is based upon personal performance; this optimizes throughout and maximizes productivity in your facility.