2015 Will Bring New Challenges To Business Leaders

Impact Logistics founder and CEO David Hamilton has amassed a wealth of industry expertise during his three decades as leader of a Memphis-based company that continues to expand its national and international footprint.

And because of his unique insight, Hamilton recently was featured in a Business News Daily story, along with select CEOs from across the country, offering insight about the challenges that likely will face business leaders during 2015.

When asked by reporter Brittney Helmrich to identify an issue that he believes will play a major role in the lives of business owners and their employees during the coming year, Hamilton delivered a solid response on a much-discussed topic.

“One of the biggest challenges of 2015 for many CEOs will be changes in health care laws and increased costs that many have not experienced before,” Hamilton said. “Balancing the tension between keeping costs of goods and services low with the reality of increasing prices to remain a profitable business will be an ongoing issue for companies trying to stay competitive and relevant.”

Hamilton went on to say,

“In addition to health care changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act, increases in the minimum wage and mandated paid sick leave in some areas will create other challenges. These new laws can be of great benefit to workers, but they do not come without cost. In particular, CEOs of smaller companies and entrepreneurs will have to carefully navigate these cost increases to ensure that they don’t price themselves too high and lose market share.”

“Perhaps the greatest challenge, though, is investing in the right people and offering them the tools necessary for success. It isn’t easy, but creating an environment where people receive outstanding education and training will yield positive results for them and for the company. At Impact Logistics we strive to make our employees’ success our success, and we work together to assure customer satisfaction by providing quality service.”

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