Our Success Guarantee

You hear all the time that “there are no guarantees in life”, however, we come very close. Here’s why:

  1. Charging per unit at an agreed upon savings to you, does guarantee cost savings! Your invoice shows the number of units produced times the cost per unit resulting in an overall charge. Now it’s up to us to deliver each day.
  2. Our agreement includes language that requires us to “meets or exceed” your current quality and safety levels. If these levels are not met, Impact will pay the additional “cost of quality” by crediting your invoice.
  3. We perform or we are OUT!! Our agreements have a 30 day out clause that requires that we meet your expectations. We have no long term contracts because we feel that if we perform, we will continue to be your business partner. A long term contract can create complacency, we do not allow it.
  4. Our weekly “scorecard” is an agreed upon measure of success. Both parties know each week if we are on track and exceeding customer requirements.
  5. Quarterly business reviews allow top management to be involved in the guarantee of performance.

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